I read this today about Pride in Ottawa and it really stood out (I hope genderfckd doesn’t mind me quoting them):
"It was a reminder that like so many queer institutions, they only truly speak for affluent working-age able-bodied white urban cisgays." 

I really want to know how Slutwalk can make a difference in trans, poly queer, and non-able bodied queer life, or make our presence more welcoming. As someone who very recently started to identify as queer, I personally can admit do not know how to start because I don’t know where to look. Can anyone please give me pointers or tips? Can anyone give me examples how Pride isn’t as accommodating to all people of the LGBTQIA community? I would really appreciate any and all input. 


I wish I could find all the original artists to credit them so if someone could link me it because I cannot google search that right now that would be great! But yay feminism!